The One in Grey, known in Japan as Grey One (灰色の一つ Haiiro no hitotsu), is a Japanese media franchise created by Ichimo Husaka and Kabako Noboku. The One in Grey has spanned through manga, anime films, and an anime series with an upcoming video game titled The One in Grey: X.

The franchise began with the manga series Haiiro no hitotsu in 1999, although the idea came from a character appearing in the manga anthology series Kuzuku.

In 2011, one year before the production of The Six Notebooks of the One in Grey began, the franchise was purchased by Drillimation Studios for a total of ¥50,000,000.


The franchise centers around the life of fictional character Bryan Greystar, a man who is commonly called as the One in Grey. Greystar is part of the Squad, a team of crime-fighters who roam the streets Woodwall, his home town in the country of the United Islands.


1998–1999: Kuzuku

n 1998, Ichiimo Husaka and Kabaka Noboku made Kuzuku, a four-volume seinen manga anthology series. All Kuzuku volumes, however, had an "easter egg," which was a bald man in a gray coat with sunglasses and a gray jumpsuit. Noboku called this character the "man in grey."

1999–2000: Haiiro no hitotsu

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