The Orly Company (better known as simply Orly) is an Azaran clothing and accessories retailer, headquartered in Azara City, Azara. The Orly Company was founded in 1992. The Orly Company is also the parent company of Ruum, Justice (Azara only), Brothers (Azara only), and formerly Liv O.

The brand targets male and female high school and college students, although older adults wear the brand. Some of the brand's popular products are low-rise jeans, polo shirts, graphic T-shirts, sweatpants, henley shirts, boxers and briefs, outerwear, and swimwear.

Stores and other brands

Items are placed on wooden shelving, tables, or clothes racks. The clothes in low-volume stores are hung on basic silver hangers, and higher-volume stores have wooden hangers.The stores' structural features and fixtures are made with dark wood. There is usually a flat screen television hanging in the back of the store or behind the cash wrap. The floors are typically wood or concrete. The theme and displays change based on seasonal lines and promotions.

Liv O

In March of 2005, Orly launched the Liv O lingerie sub-brand, targeting the 15 to 25-year-old female demographic segment. In addition to lingerie such as a wide variety of bras and other undergarments, the Liv O line also sold dormwear, active apparel, loungewear, accessories, and sleepwear. The Liv O brand was discontinued in summer 2017 due to too much competition from brands like American Eagle's Aerie and Victoria's Secret's Pink.

Orly Jr./Ruum

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In May of 1994, Orly launched the Orly Jr. sub-brand target children 4 to 14 years of age. In 2000, Orly Jr. started selling infant and toddler clothing. Orly Jr. stores, meant to be a fun shopping experience for younger children, featured interactive games and activities throughout the stores that children could play with while shopping. What started as a sub-brand quickly became a standalone concept in its own right.

In June of 2015, The Orly Company bought out Ezrani 2 Corp the parent company of the Ruum American Kidswear children's clothing store chain, as a result, all Orly Jr. (excluding US stores) stores we rebranded as "Ruum".

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