波兰球展 (romanized as Bōlán Qiú Zhǎn; lit. The Polandball Show) is the Mandarin dub of Countryballs: The Animated Series, airing on XCT One and Cartoon Network all across YinYangia. The dubbing is produced in-house and by IslanDubs in YinYangia. It also airs on CCTV-1 in China (with some censorship) and PTS in Taiwan.

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  • It was known to be the best dub of Countryballs: The Animated Series.
  • When it airs on Cartoon Network in YinYangia, many inappropriate content is censored to make it suitable for children.
  • The dub was produced and started to air on 2016.
  • Even though the dub originates from YinYangia, it also airs on mainland China and Taiwan.

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