The Pony Man is an Ivanese television series created by Ned Horsman. In each episode, Ned Horsman or Dave Horsman buys a My Little Pony and showcases it.

Since its debut in 1982, the show has been broadcast during commercial breaks on various Ivanese television channels.


Ned or Dave Horsman shows his recently-bought My Little Pony, then he shows what the toy or toys can do.

In some episodes, the presenter will purchase a Happy Meal or check the mailbox.


The show was considered controversial between 1982 and 2010 for promotion, using logos and music without authors' permission. It was resolved in 2010 when Dave Horsman, Ned Horsman's son, bought rights for using music and promoting My Little Pony.




  • The 2 pilot episodes were shot with low-quality 16mm film and then transferred with telecine, then to videotape. The original 16mm films were lost.
  • Seasons 1-12 were filmed via VHS.
  • Seasons 13-22 were filmed with a JVC camcorder.
  • Seasons 22-26 were filmed with a webcam.
  • Seasons 27-30 were filmed with a 720p digital video camera.
  • Seasons 30-33 were filmed with a 1080p digital video camera.
  • Seasons 34-present are is filmed with a 2k digital video camera.
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