The El Kadsreian English re-dub of the animated film directed by Richard Williams and released in 1993, The Princess and The Cobbler, was home video and streaming released in the El Kadsreian Islands on August 16, 2018.

Voice cast

  • Hank Jeroem as Narrator
  • Tyrone Savage as Tack the Gobbler
  • Jayde Smith as Princess Yum-Yum
  • Vincent Price as Zigzag the Grand Vizer
  • Christopher Berger as King Nod
  • Benjamin C. Baker as The Thief/Phido the Vulture
  • Clinton Sundberg as Dying Solider
  • Holly Gauthier-Frankel as Princess Yum-Yum's Nurse
  • Mona Marshall as Mad and Holy Old Witch
  • Windsor Davies as Chief Roofless
  • Michael McConnohie as Mighty One-Eye
  • Kenneth Williams as Goblet/Tickle
  • Stanley Baxter as Gofer/Slap
  • Eddie Byrne as Hoof
  • Thick Wilson as Hook
  • Frederick Shaw as Goolie

The Brigands voice cast

Additional voices



  • Due to Vincent Price's death.
  • The voices dubs were joint-produced in Canada, El Kadsre and United States.


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