(from Going Outside is not okay)

  • [on his friends, two siblings who inbred and had deformed children]
  • USAball: This is why you don't go fishing in your own gene pool!


(from Tough4Life)

  • Principal Steinbeck: I'm gonna **** on you like a fire hydrant


(from Powerpuff Girls is bullcrap)

  • Dr Fox: What the **** are you doing
  • Jerome "Chef" Garcia: Well, I having *** with Boomer
  • USAball: Both of you need to stop having *** together


(from The Bully)

  • Shinnok: I will kill everyone [evil laughs]
  • [door smash]
  • Brick: Not so fast Shinnok
  • Shinnok: Eh What is that kind of Spider man?
  • Venom: I will eat you!
  • Shinnok: RUN!!!
  • [Venom screams]
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