The Sweet Treets is a media franchise created by Taylor Ridley.


The Treets are a fictional species that are initially kept as pets by Liane Lockridge. In the first series, Storytime with the Treets, there are six Treets; Pinky, Kinky, Shiny, Floaty, Galaxy and the Golden Treet. The Golden Treet would read stories to Liane and the other five Treets before they went to sleep.

The second series, The Sweet Treets, takes place 25 years later - the Golden Treet has since died, and Liane now has a daughter, Louise, who becomes the main character of the franchise from this series onwards. The five Treets have since started to act as guardians towards Louise, and try to keep her out of trouble, with mixed results. As well as Louise, The Sweet Treets introduces several other new characters, which include Louise's friends, Marilyn and Nate, an evil purple bear called King Rojo, and two nasty birds called Swoop and Magfire, though Swoop eventually turns good by the end of the show.

In the third series, The New Adventures of The Sweet Treets, Louise and her friends form a pop group titled The Sweet Treets, named after the Treets. Ironically, the Treets start to become less relevant in this series so more time can be given towards the troubles Louise and her friends face. New characters introduced in this series include Anthem, a manipulative schoolmate of Louise and her friends, who has a rivalry with Marilyn, and Hugh, who Marilyn often competes with Anthem for affection. King Rojo becomes much less evil and more comedic in this series, and is now part of the fictional Rogon species. In one episode, Louise finds out the Rogon species was created on accident, and that her maternal grandparents and the Golden Treet were killed by King Rojo's father.

In the fourth series, All New! The Sweet Treets, the Treets become slightly more relevant, as they hang out with Louise and her friends. In the show, Louise becomes interested in video games, television and being a media personality, but finds herself in a tricky situation when she finds out that King Rojo's grandnephew, Bingo, wants all the fame for himself. Along with Bingo, the show introduces a few new characters, such as Robin, a friend of Louise who is rude and cheeky but good at heart, Robin's twin sister, Tayla, who she bickers with frequently, and Oink, a reckless baby pig.

TV series

Storytime with the Treets (1974-1978)

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The Sweet Treets (1984-1987)

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The New Adventures of The Sweet Treets (1995-1999)

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All New! The Sweet Treets (2002-2005)

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Team Louise (TBA)

Cast and characters

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Character Storytime with the Treets The Sweet Treets The New Adventures of The Sweet Treets) All New! The Sweet Treets
Main characters
Liane Lockridge Taylor Ridley Sharlie Deem Ashley Maverick
Golden Treet John Le Mesurier Photograph
The Treets Taylor Ridley Peter Malosh Ashley Maverick
Louise Lockridge Sharlie Deem
Nate Nicholson Peter Malosh
Marilyn Madison Opaline Robins
Hugh Halls Opaline Robins Avoc Westwind
Swoop Sap M.N. Williams
Recurring characters
Katie Dubious Opaline Robins Marcy Aether
Zedd Farrow Photograph Marty Rockfield TBA
Zoe Falls Charlie Karma
Robin Keys Charlie Karma
Tayla Keys Naomi Karma
Oink Character does not speak
Main antagonists
King Rojo John Le Mesurier Henry Buckings
Stumpy TBA
Gunge TBA
Rusty TBA
Bingo TBA
Anthem Rivers Candis Westwind
Rod Fellow Silent cameo Marty Rockfield Photograph
Magfire Brud Rorqual TBA
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