The 'Tale of the Underwater Kingdom' (Japanese: 水中王国の物語, Hepburn: 'Suichū Ōkoku no Monogatari') was a fairy tale that Hiroshi Takajima created and used as a basis for the first episode of the Lucky Star, being A Lucky Star is Born. It is commonly taught to beginners of Drillimation, most of which are children. The tale has also been known to teach the morals of friendship and wisdom. Many drillers are referring to the story in relation to the Coronation of the Izumi Clan.

Takajima, originally wanting to be an author, wrote this story when he was in high school. He attempted numerous times to get it published but failed. Takajima eventually chose to make his major animation instead, due to his interest in anime and manga.


The tale follows a young married couple who have a baby girl who joins a clan of her family. When the girl is around six months old, her mother is murdered by an evil scientist after hearing a prophecy that she would have the ability to kill him. After her mother's murder, the girl is forced to grow up with her father, who was frequently mistreating her and often abusive to her. He wouldn't let her go out with her friends with the exception of school.

As the girl grows, she nearly resembles her mother after looking at a photograph of her. Upon entering high school, she learns of a young prince who is a year younger than her who is said to be really nice and noble. He actually runs the kingdom after the unfortunate death of their monarch. The girl learns this kingdom is shielded under a large glass dome in an ocean and realizes that only those with magical ability can visit the kingdom.

At the kingdom, the prince learns that in order to have a new monarch, a dead person must be reincarnated to run as monarch. A few archaeologists, along with a wind mage, search a cemetery to find a woman who is beautiful and appealing to most people. After a long search, they finally find it and reincarnate it for the kingdom. Many of the kingdom's villagers do not realize that the woman they reincarnated was actually the girl's mother.

As a prom event approaches at the girl's school, she and her long-time friend get their outfits for the event, and as time comes close to the event, she learns the event was relocated to the kingdom following the reincarnation. On the day of the event, the soon-to-be-coronated queen and the girl's recently-reincarnated mother is excited to see her daughter once again. The queen then tells her that the kingdom is calling the girl to meet the prince.

Upon arriving at the kingdom, she learns that her parents are now the king and queen and is officially declared as the princess of the kingdom.

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