The Trap Door is the American English dub of the British series of the same name.

Dub history

The dub was recorded from 1988-1989 at Sono-Mex Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Voice cast

Rocío Garcel (credited as Rosie Garcel) was voice director.

Adapted Credits

  • Voices: Chris Latta, Jonathan Alexander, Janice Roman Roku, Frank Welker, Ardwight Chamberlain
  • Voice Director: Rosie Garcel
  • Animation: CMTB
  • Thing Doer: Steve Box
  • UK Editing: KPTV
  • US Editing: Unitel Video
  • Assistant Editor, UK: Rob Copeland
  • US version dubbed by: Sono-Mex Hollywood
  • Stories: Brainbox Mills
  • Additional Material: Willie Rushton
  • US script revisioning: Ardwight Chamberlain, Kirk Thornton, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
  • Music & Lyrics: Bob Heatlie
  • US vocals: Cam Clarke, J. Casale
  • Eyes in the Dark: Nigel Davies
  • Modelling Material: GCP Ltd.
  • Processing: Universal
  • Produced by: John Howson
  • Assistant to the producer: Sue Kerridge
  • Series created and directed by: Charlie Mills, Terry Brain
  • CMTB Animation, Queensgate Productions - © MCMLXXXIV
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