The Truck Bros was a European TV show that first aired on Nickelodeon on the 3rd of November, 2002. Not many episodes can be found today because it was cancelled on the 2nd of May 2005, when all traces of the show were meant to be destroyed. Even though the show only had 2 seasons, there is some rare footage on the internet. The show got cancelled because the characters had animal heads and that scared children.


The show centers around 4 kids. Their names are Steve, Sketchy, Silly and Dan. They have just ended 6th grade (except Silly because he doesn't go to school) and they have the whole summer to get through. Their favourite place to go is the junkyard. They love going there because they can build useless inventions. One day when they went there Steve, Sketchy and Dan found old monster trucks. They get really excited because they could use them for the upcoming go-kart race. Meanwhile, Silly went to the nuclear plant that was down the street. He somehow managed to get in (even though he is extremely stupid) and then he started looking around. Later, he found an old lab. There was a big gun in the middle of the room. Silly went up to it and took it. It did say danger but Silly couldn't read so he just took it. When he went to the junkyard, he showed his friends the gun. Dan found out that the gun is an imagination gun and that it can create anything. They used it to make the monster trucks better. But then it got in the hands of an evil man and it was their job to save the world.

Main characters

  • Steve is brave and bold, he loves going on adventures and he loves going outside.
  • Sketchy loves to draw and read, he is the complete opposite of Steve because he likes to stay inside more.
  • Silly is extremely stupid, he can’t read or write because he never went to school because of family issues.
  • Dan is the smartest out of the all them, he loves science and he loves making useless inventions.
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