The Wimpy Company was a company founded by Frank Heffley. Currently, Manny Heffley owns the surviving remnants of the Company.


First Company

Originally, it started out as a company that made Civil War comics. When Greg Heffley was born, the Company was on pause and decided to make Baby Products. Frank Heffley stepped down of the CEO chair in 2007. 13 year old Greg was not able to manage the company well. In 2008, however, when Greg and Rowley decided to to make a newspaper, the company was now named "The Wimpy Company". The company was a big success. It acquired 3 subsidiaries and had their own subsidiaries. When Greg married Holly Hills, Rowley Jefferson became the CEO as the wedding interrupted the CEO office. Greg later became the CEO again in 2020.


On June 15th, 2019, Holly Hills decided to sign up for "The Hunger Paintball". Holly and Angie were both ambushed by "Tag Red". Holly was severely shot by a paintball sniper in the head and the chest. Her injuries sent her to the hospital. She died a week later. A funeral was hosted, and it let Greg to despair. 2 years later, he decided to shutdown the Company.


In 2024, Manny Heffley (know known as Emanuel Heffley) decided to reboot the company. He later made himself CEO along with Rowley as the Vice CEO. He later acquired 2 new subsidiaries. A new subsidiary named "Wimpy Wings!" was ordered to make an exclusive meal called "Cup Cakes" on Holly's and Greg's birthday, plus everything must be 85% off.

Main Subsidiaries

Wimpy Wings!

Wimpy Wings is a restaurant chain that sells mostly chicken. It is also located at The Wimpy Company Headquarters, which they give out "Cup Cakes" for free and everything isn't paid. It also serves sandwiches and seafood. 5 of them are located in Wimpyland.

The Neighborhood Tattler


Wimpyland is a huge outdoor waterpark, hotel, and arcade, and amusement park. Most of it is a waterpark, occupying 200 acres. It has 8 hotel buildings. Wimpyland is mostly located on islands, but is also located in Tampa Bay, Florida. It was originally called "The Heffley Resort", but after Holly's death and Greg's despair, it was named Wimpyland by Manny.

Acquired Subsidiaries

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