The World of Redwall is an amusement & water park, located within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of Austin, Texas, across from the Circuit of the Americas. It is owned and operated by Carwardine Parks, and was built from 2000 to 2003 (having been originally planned as "Carwardine's Texas Kingdom" before the Redwall license was procured), opening in 2004. It is based almost entirely on Brian Jacques' celebrated Redwall novel series.


The announcement of Carwardine's acquisition of the Redwall license back in 2000 was met with skepticism from the roller coaster community, who assumed Carwardine was trying to "cash in on rumors that Warner Bros. was wanting to add Harry Potter to theme parks", but after the success of Redwall: Fight for Victory at Boblo Island, Brian Jacques convinced Carwardine to make a full-on Redwall theme park.

In October 2000, construction of The World of Redwall began in Austin, Texas on the site of a former Montgomery Ward distribution center. The cancelled Carwardine's Texas Kingdom concept had some of the ideas of it reused for The World of Redwall.

In 2001, the park was officially announced with a lot of details at the years FairCon, more details were announced at IAAPA.

On June 1, 2004, The World of Redwall, which cost an estimated $340 million to build, opened with 520 guests welcomed on day one, and an initial workforce of 240 employees.

In August 2006, announced a waterpark was coming to the resort. Later, during IAAPA 2006, the name and more details were revealed.


  • Redwall Abbey
  • Mossflower Woods
  • Salamandastrom
  • Fort Marshank
  • Land of Ice and Snow
  • Tall Rocks
  • Water Hole

Current rides & attractions

Roller coasters

  • Bloodwrath (added 2006, a Soquet Looping Coaster; formerly Propeller at Fantastic Journeys Theme Park) [Mossflower Woods]
  • Dibbun Run (added 2004, a E&F Miler Family Coaster) [Redwall Abbey]
  • Gulo's Attack! (added 2015, a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter) [Mossflower Woods]
  • Jess' Wall Crawl (added 2004, a partially wall-mounted customized Zamperla Volare; is noticeably less rougher than other Volares due to using a different type of train) [Mossflower Woods]
  • Lord Cayvear's Patrol (added 2018, a Vekoma Bat Flyer; formerly known as "Count Coasterula" at Carwardine Colony) [Salamandastrom]
  • Marshank Mine Carts (added 2004, a custom Intamin Mine Train) [Fort Marshank]
  • Matthias' Race to the Finish (added 2004, a Vekoma Wooden Roller Coaster; one of only three Vekoma wooden roller coasters in the United States) [Redwall Abbey]
  • Sparra Aerial Patrol (added 2004, a Vekoma SLC) [Redwall Abbey]

Flat rides

  • Kill-ee Kill-ee Kill-ee! (added 2004, a Zierer Wave Swinger) [Mossflower Woods]

Kiddie rides

  • Dibbun Wheel (added 2004, a Zamperla Mini Ferris Wheel) [Mossflower Woods]

Live shows

  • A Hour of Singing (added 2004, an animatronic show featuring the Mossflower Woods Band) [Mossflower Woods]
  • The Rambling Rosehip Players Show (added 2004, a live show featuring The Rambling Rosehip Players) [Salamandastrom]

Water Hole Waterpark

  • Asmodeus (added 2018, a Polin King Cobra slide)
  • Dibbuns' Cove (added 2007, a WhiteWater West water play structure with slides, fountains, and a tipping bucket)
  • Waterwoosh (added 2007, a set of ProSlide Technology Inc. Pipeline slides)
  • Whirlpool (added 2007, a ProSlide Technology Inc. Tornado "Rattler" slide)



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