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TheoryDesk is a range of all-in-one desktop computers manufactured by Theorysonic.


TheoryDesk was first released in July 1985 and bundles with Theorynet service. The first HD model was released in 1999.

TheoryDesk TW is the first to have TheoryClear display.

TheoryDesk X8 is the first to have TheoryClear Edge display.


The TheoryDesk was regulary announced by Theorysonic every two years. The product's physical characteristics and appearance has radically changed in its first twenty years.


The current models are 24-inch and 31-inch TheoryClear edge touchscreen display.


The TheoryDesk can only run on one operating system, which is TSUG and attempting to install other operating systems like EKS Vortex, Windows and Linux will not work. The latest version is TSUG X8.


TheoryDesk received positive reviews. It was one of the commercially successful personal computers, along with EKS Personal Unit/ViraPC and Microsoft Windows PCs.


In popular culture

  • In the Chuhou Joutai series of video games, Kisumi Ochiai, Kagami and Yumi Ochiai's mother, happens to own a TheoryDesk SO.
  • In Bionicle VII: Sea of Darkness, Ryota Maximino happens to have a TheoryDesk UG E2 in his office.

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