TheoryMedia is a multimedia player, media library, and mobile device management application developed by Theorysonic that is used for playing, downloading and watching audio, video and viewing images on personal computers and smart devices running the TSUG, Windows, MacOS, EKS Vortex, Android, iOS, ViraOS and Portosic devices.


The application was launched in 1981 with only playable media format: .TME (mixed audio and video). In 1986, it adds .TMA audio, .TVD multimedia, and .TMD video format. In 1993, TheoryMedia 8 adds VCD, MP4, and MP3 support.

TheoryMedia X adds DVD and Portosic digital devices support, and X1 adds Musicard support.

TheoryMedia 13 adds casting to TVs and montiors using TheoryDirect mirroring.

TheoryMedia 19 was released with redesigned user interface, new home screen, spotlight view, new media formats for faster, better quality, and low-light compression, and up to 8K support, improved slower-motion video playback up to 960fps, improved performance and memory, and adds Chromecast and AirPlay support.


  • .TME
  • .TAU
  • .TMA
  • .TVD
  • .TMD
  • .AVI
  • .WAV
  • .MP4
  • .MPEG
  • .MP3
  • .M4A
  • .OGG
  • .3GP
  • .MOV
  • .MKV
  • .XMG (Next-Generation Image Format, added in TheoryMedia 18)
  • .XAU (Next-Generation Audio Format, added in TheoryMedia 18)
  • .XVD (Next-Generation Video Format, added in TheoryMedia 18)
  • .XMP (Next-Generation Media Format, added in TheoryMedia 18)


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