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TheoryPDA was a line of tablet computing designed and marketed by Theorysonic. The first generation model was released on March 16, 1999 and it was available in a variety of colors. In 2006, it was succeeded by TheoryTablet, effectively killing sales of the device.

History and availability

Development of what was to become the TheoryPDA Style began in 1996.



The second model was revamped a little more professional in order to prevent the system from being treated as a toy and being aimed at them. Susumu Takajima from Drillimation Studios stated, "I felt the device was aimed more at kids first, but when the second model came out, those people were starting to get older".



The TheoryPDA Style runs Portosic OS. The last version is Portosic OS X3.



The TheoryPDA Style has mostly been met with positive reviews. The TheoryPDA Style was a popular laptop used in schools and children during the early-2000s. The first model was criticized for being aimed at kids when it was supposed to be aimed at teens and adults. The criticism faded away when the second model came out.


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