TheoryPhone Mini is a line of mid-range smartphones created and marketed by Theorysonic.

History and availability

The first-generation X2 mini model went on sale in the El Kadsre on October 3, 2008, followed by the other countries. TheoryPhone Mini was also introduced in some countries later that year. It was a commercially successful due to cheaper price and better networking.

In 2019, Theorysonic announce the new mid-range smartphone TheoryPhone A3, it will possibly replaces the TheoryPhone Mini.



The current model has 5.7” inches curved FHD+ touchscreen display.


The TheoryPhone Mini runs PTSUG. The latest version is PTSUG X8.



As of 2017, there are 300 million+ applications available for TheoryPhone Mini and other Theorysonic mobile devices.


The TheoryPhone Mini received very positive reviews from critics.


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