TheorySing 7 HQ (also known as TheorySing Seven) is the first Theorysonic karaoke developed by Enter Tech, being the first Theorysonic version of Magic Sing. It was released in 2001, being the first karaoke player to have USB. It's similar to Famax Singalong, Harmony, Magic Singalong, and others.




List of songs

Real songs

Number Year Title Singer Language
Akala Ko'y Para Sa Akin
Alam Mo Ba
All At Once
Amor Amor Spanish
Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal
1976 Dancing Queen Abba English
El Pecador Spanish
Hindi Ko Laruan
If Bread English
I Swear All 4 One English
My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion English
Ocean Deep Cliff Richard English
1997 Pick It Up
Voltes V

Fictional songs

Number Year Title Singer Language
1986 Dynamo Rinava

Song chips

  • Azaran
  • Barokian
  • Cyrumuese
  • Helvish
  • Katrali
  • Sallyish
  • Simlish
  • Vicnoran
  • Walacs
  • Vertinelian
  • Oasinan
  • El Kadsreian
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