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Theorysonic Hyper-System is a home video game console developed by Theorysonic.


Theorysonic Hyper-System was launched in 1986 after a six-year-long hiatus, in the Vlokozu Union with the price of $229.99. The console featured 2-player controllers, two memory card slots, 8-bit Sega Master System-like color graphics, 16MB max cartridge and both AY-3-8910 and SN76489 sound processors. It has similarities to the Sega Master System. The console had a revolutionary memory card save feature to save games without the need of putting in a password.


  • Hyper-Shooter (light gun)

Game library

The Theorysonic Hyper-System has over 410+ games. Many third-party publishers ported from arcades to the system.


The Hyper-System has received very positive reviews from critics.

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