When Theorysonic began introducing products, their products have appeared in numerous films, video games, anime, and others. This is a list of media that Theorysonic's products have appeared in.

Akari Kagamine and the Luminous Bricks

Genre: Video game
Origin: El Kadsre
  • If the player is playing the TS-UGOS version of the game, the second world has the Theorysonic logo on one of the signs. The logo does not appear in the arcade, home console, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Windows, or Mac OS versions of the game.

Bionicle VI: Island of Doom

Genre: Film
Origin: Vlokozu Union, Australia
  • There is the scene where Barbara uses the TS-Desk V, running on TS-OS 5.

Bionicle VII: Sea of Darkness

Genre: Film
Origin: Vlokozu Union
  • Theorysonic computers, such as TheoryDesk E2 and TS-Desk III are visible in computer rooms and staff offices in MURC (Mahri Underwater Research Centre).
  • In the scene where MURC members hang out in Dunkin' Donuts, Bristol uses his original TheoryBook to show the picture drawn by the one of the workers of MURC, used to describe what do the Barraki look like, to the staff.

Driller Engine Grand Prix 7

Genre: Arcade racing game
Origin: Japan
  • The first course throughout the whole game, Ochiai Circuit, has Theorysonic's logo on signs. This is true, as Ochiai Circuit is set in Atlanta, where the American Theorysonic headquarters is based in.

Lana X: The Ladybot

Genre: Film
Origin: El Kadsre

Magically Girlz: The Magical Film

Genre: Film, GoAnimate
Origin: YinYangia, United States
  • While in Rosemary School, the 4 girls' teacher uses a TheoryBook FI.


Genre: Television series
Origin: El Kadsre
  • In the first episode of Midgygiant, Takuma received a SMS message on his green TheoryPhone, while Takara received the same message on his blue TheoryPhone.
  • In the first six episodes, Takara uses his TheoryBook 4 to complete his work before being crushed by Tarum.

Mosquito Coils and Electronics

Genre: Film
Origin: El Kadsre
  • The movie is about the history of Theorysonic's first 35 years, ranging from mosquito coils to the TheoryPhone. Numerous Theorysonic products (TheoryTron, TheoryDesk, TS-Desk, Portosic, Nehervia, etc.) can be seen.

Mr. Driller X

Genre: Video game
Origin: Japan
  • In the opening cutscene for World 2, Kagami uses an actual TheoryPhone when she checks her inbox.
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