• What if Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania instead of being annexed by the USSR becomed communists free nations

    (Of course they're not anymore)

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    • I...

      okay sure

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    • I have more ideas I will say soon to avoid flooding

      And, no, they don't change history that much

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    • I know it's recent-morning on your area but what territory to brazil do you think it tastes b'tter?

      Anotação 2020-06-24 172027
      Anotação 2020-06-24 172329

                                                                                                       Or the current?

      (Also, ignore the states)

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    • I don't actually think that is allowed so I will try to don't change that much to avoid paradoxes

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    • Luciano Existe wrote:
      what territory to brazil do you think it tastes b'tter?


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    • See the whole message

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    • Not related at all but I will create two South American countries that HAVE traces from reality but they're mostly likely that they would be impossible to exist: Guarani Republic (Its capital is Chapecó and they got free from Spain and Brazil in 1830) and Granager (Its name means "Grán Argentina" or "Big Argentina" in Spanish even though they're small, they're basically Entre Rios except I changed their name, they're a lil bit bigger now, their flag is darker and twisted and its capital was renamed to Baptista)

      Also, Argentina has a different flag in DFW because it got split up in Cold War. Its south was communist, and its north, capitalist, the north annexed the south but didn't changed their flag to the former Argentinian flag before WW2 and also, South Brazil and Uruguay were once socialists and São Paulo was a Brazilian puppet that was Capitalist

      (This second line is based on an event called "Deustch Sud Amerikka" that the Nazis invaded South America)

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    • Guarani Republic

      Guarani Republic

      Entre Rios but Free


      Argentina in DFW

      New Argentina

      Communist Argentina

      Socialist Dictatorship of Argentina

      South Brazil & Uruguay

      South Brazil & Uruguay

      São Paulo but Capitalist

      TBSP (Território Brasileiro de São Paulo) (Brazilian Territory of São Paulo)

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