"I originally developed this revolutionary spell card as a crime-stopper for the police. Since Team Crimson is difficult to deal with and since you're only a rookie, I figured you needed this."
- Hideo Ochiai, to Susumu Takajima

The 'Thunder Sign "Suspect Seekie"' (Japanese: 雷符「容疑者シーカー」, Hepburn: 'Kaminari-fu Yōgi-sha Shīkā') is a damage-dealing Electric-type spell card that fires two large projectiles that chase after the enemy without missing and has a chance of paralyzing the enemy.

In the games and anime, it is a spell card that was originally created by Hideo Ochiai and given to the Kozankyo Police Department as a way for rectifying enemies. The spell card was given to Driller by Hideo Ochiai in order to defeat Team Crimson. It has since become Driller's trademark spell card, with him using it during every one of his fights with Team Crimson.


Suspect Seekie deals damage without missing and has a 20% chance of paralyzing the enemy, dropping their speed and preventing their movement. While this move isn't very effective on Electric-type targets, they cannot be paralyzed by this attack. Ground-type targets are invulnerable to this attack.


This spell card was introduced in the Driller Engine 3 Era.

Era Description
Driller Engine 3 Two electricity bombs are hurled with maximum force at the enemy to inflict damage and may paralyze the enemy. This move never misses.
Driller Engine 4 - present Two electricity bombs are hurled at the target with maximum force to inflict damage and may paralyze the enemy. This move never misses.

Known practioners

  • Hideo Ochiai - Created this spell card for the Kozankyo Police Department.
  • Susumu Takajima - Given to him by Hideo Ochiai and made it his trademark spell card.
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