Ticking Adventures, known in Japan as '''Takura Kid 2: Demon Castle Adventure''' (Japanese: タクラくん 2: 悪魔城の冒険; Hepburn: 'Takura-kun Ni: Akumajō no Bōken') and the 8-Eighty System as Clocky and the Rescue of Ticky, is a action horror game developed and published by Namco. It was released in Japan in arcades on July 7, 1986, and released in America on January 26, 1988. The game was ported later to other game systems, like PC.


Ticky was captured again! Clocky begins his new adventures into the Demon Dunegon, and rescues Ticky. To rescue her, you need to take 9 keys on stages 1 to 10. Clear game means that completed the section Demon! Now, prepare to fight!


You're playing as Clocky (Takura in Japanese), and you need to rescue Ticky (Kabuki in Japanese) with 1 special key. To get it, you will need to beat final boss. The items are located on any stage.

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