Dan Troy Greenrivers, (b. 30th May, 1975) better known as his stage name Tirade, is an American-Jetanie rapper, entrepreneur, record producer, hype man, DJ, songwriter, actor, bodyguard and personal trainer. He is the owner and founder of independent record label, Shout N Swear Records, which he founded in 2006.

When he started his career in 1998, he was mainly a disc jockey, hype man and songwriter. He started releasing songs in 2004. Whilst his early material focused on profanity-filled rants with aggressive instrumentals, during the late 2000's, he started to focus more on electro hip-hop and pop-rap.

Early life


Musical style

For the first few years of his music career, Tirade’s songs were mostly a mixture of gangsta rap and rap metal, with a significant amount of profanity throughout. On his features, instead of rapping a verse, he would often instead perform a variety of ad-libs throughout the song, which would often just be him going on a profanity-filled rant.

However, Tirade began to change his musical style during the Next Direction era. During this era, his music started to focus more on combining hip-hop with electropop. Tirade explained the change saying "The constant unnecessary swearing and the repetitive shouting got old and made me look immature and stupid. I changed to pop so I could appeal more to the general audience. I don’t want to be an entertainer who is funny to laugh at, I want to produce quality."

Other ventures

Business ventures

In April 2006, Tirade founded an independent record label, Shout N Swear Records. In 2012, Tirade started doing personal training classes, with his workouts mainly involving upper body strength. His sessions are usually once a month, and last three hours.


From September 2009 to April 2011, Tirade visited over fifty schools in the United Kingdom to talk to children, mostly Primary 6 and 7 students, about discrimination.


Personal life

Tirade has admitted to being an alcoholic in his teenage and early adult years, as well as being a heavy smoker throughout most of his life. In order to prevent his health from declining, he quit smoking permanently in 2007. Since his 35th birthday, Tirade has decided to stick to a rule where he can only have one drink a night. As of May 2018, he has not broken that rule since deciding on it.



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