Titanica is the name of the "idea" encyclopedia commonly used to make up ideas.

It is an multilingual organization that runs Encyclopedia Titanica.

Logo "talk"

The logo was mostly convinced to be a parody of the EB flower. Later, in 2016, it was unveiled to be the mascot .E.B..


In 1789, the "Encyclopaedia Titanica" was created mostly inspired by Encyclopaedia Brittanica. The first editors were Michael Jameson and Mase II. Later, in 1832, the Titanica bookline was made, based on ÆT articles. They was modernized in 1986. Later, in 2012, the ÆT website was made.

First ideas

  • EA (reversed ae)
  • Uncycsl
  • Suckups
  • Pigeols (animals)
  • Grand Manson


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