Tokyo Tokyo is an El Kadsreian Japanese-style restaurant food chain originated in 1965 that serves Japanese-style dishes, also some El Kadsreian-style dishes. It is also served for worldwide in over 30 countries.


The first Tokyo Tokyo restaurant opened on March 20, 1966, at the Ace Park in Glonisla. The chain initially served Japanese dishes such as tempura, tonkatsu, yakisoba, sushi, and sashimi. When it opened its first restaurants in 1966, other Japanese restaurants were more traditional; the 'mainstreaming' of the chain's market contributed to the restaurant chain's growth. In 1989, it was purchased by Sminster Food Holdings.


Tokyo Tokyo’s menu currently offers 6 types of sushi, spicy kani roll, spicy tuna roll, and california maki. Beef teriyaki, beef misono, pork tonkatsu, squid ika fry and prawn tempura are accompanied with vegetables. The chicken teriyaki and tuna misono are the house specials of Tokyo Tokyo. Tokyo Tokyo also offers El Kadsreian-style dishes, Ebi burger, yakisoba, Japanese style potato balls, miso soup and kani crab corn soup as side dishes.

International availability

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