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Too Plus Two were a Kuboian three-piece lipstick rap girl group consisting of TooToo, Lucy-Leah and Knowitall. The group were based in Fahrbahnin, North Kuboia, and formed in 1998 after they met each other at social events. They split in March 2004 following arguments between the members and disputes with their label.


TooToo and Lucy-Leah both met in mid-1996 at a social group in Ghatberry's Lake. The third member, Knowitall, met the other two through a community radio station for Fahrbahnin. Together, they decided to form a group and gain regional recognition by performing freestyles over pop and hip hop songs on local urban and community-based radio stations. Lucy-Leah mentioned that they were "like local celebrities to a degree".

Too Plus Two were signed to Bertelsmann Music Group in January 2000, where the group agreed to record at least one album under the label. They released their self-titled debut studio album in 20002 and also performed the official Kuboian's Children Day charity single, "One for All" in 2003.

In January 2004, Lucy-Leah revealed that the group had been dropped from BMG but were trying to find a new label. In March that year, however, TooToo revealed that there would be no new material from the group due to disputes between her and Knowitall.



Viktoria Becker (b. 15th October, 1982) went under the stage name TooToo, and was generally considered the leading artist of the group. She slowed her activity in the music industry down significantly after the group seperated but continues to produce albums.


Lucy Heather Wilkins (b. 2nd April, 1982) went under the stage name Lucy-Leah. Unlike the other two members, she was still in school at the time of the group's formatiom but left with one minor qualification shortly afterwards.


Ophelia Jones (b. 13th February, 1983) went under the stage name Knowitall, a stage name she decided on because the other two considered her the cleverest and snarkiest of the three. Since the group's split, she has mostly stepped away from the music industry. She was interviewed by Clara Watson on her YouTube channel in 2019.

Controversy and criticism

In their heyday, Too Plus Two were criticised for invoking stereotypes of Kuboians. Several international sources, particularly British and American ones, branded the group as "karouls". When asked the issue in 2019, Knowitall mentioned the criticism and mockery she faced made her self-conscious.


Studio albums

  • 2002: Too Plus Two


  • 1998: The New Generation Vol. 1
  • 1999: The New Generation Vol. 2
  • 1999: Names in the Game
  • 2000: Born to Win


  • 1998: "In the End"
  • 2001: "Get Back Up Again"
  • 2002: "Dreamers"
  • 2003: "One for All" (with Lucky and KVO Choir)