Toon City is an amusement park in A'dbel, Barokia, opened in 1994 by the El Kadsreian company Powerhouse Amusements Ltd. in cooperation with Toon City, S.A. and Créativité et Développement, and currently owned by the A'dbel Urban Development Authority and operated by Parques Reunidos. Unlike the Kuboian Kool Kartoon Kingdom, which focused mainly on European cartoons, Toon City focuses on European, American, Asian, and Latin American cartoons and some anime.

Since 1998, the park's premises has been used for burlesque and vaudeville performances.

It is one of Barokia's largest amusement parks behind Barokiya Disneyland Park at Barokiya Disneyland also in A'dbel and Six Flags Fusid in Fusid City.

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