Top Gear Philippines is the Filipino adaptation of the Top Gear series. It is produced by GSTV Productions and BBC Studios in cooperation with Summit Media and is a companion to the Top Gear Philippines magazine.

The program was launched on August 15, 2014 and airs on General Station Television. The current hosts are motoring journalist Augusto Rick Rañin, singer Thomas Nagar Christophersen, and actress/television personality Katie Lamu Xiaoyan. Liwayway Madrid was formerly the third host but was replaced by Katie in 2017 due to scheduling conflicts. In 2017, Extra Gear Philippines was launched, the current hosts for this are stunt driver Bongbong Arcebuche and Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago. All hosts except for Joey are signed to GSTV Artists Center, and are joined by The Stig as with other versions of the show. Bongbong was the first portrayer of the Stig before becoming the host of the Extra Gear aftershow, the second portrayer was stunt driver Sandy Carlos, who left the role after being injured in a on-set accident. The current portrayer has been hinted to be Murugayan Cesar Veluz, who competed in regional go-karting competitions before becoming a GSTV Artists Center performer.

The test facility, Power Lap track, and Celebrity Karera Lap Time track is Plaridel Airport in Plaridel, Bulacan. Jollibee sponsors one of the turns and since the first edition in July 2017 Nestlé's Milo product has sponsored the crash barriers. The Maniladrome, Batangas Racing Circuit, Clark International Speedway, and Carmona Racing Circuit are used for some episodes.


A diagram of the circuit at Plaridel Airport

Power Lap

  1. REDIRECT Template:ConstructionThe Power Lap has one of the hosts or The Stig driving a car and hoping to achieve the best lap time.

Season One (2014)

Lap Time Driver Car Track Conditions Notes
1:12.00 The Stig Flag of the United Arab Emirates Lykan HyperSport Dry The Stig's lap lasted 1:12.08 but the clock was stopped late due to an error.
1:12.98 Augusto Rick Rañin Flag of Germany (3-2 aspect ratio) 1996 Harlequin Volkswagen Golf Dry
1:13.00 USA Flag Sterling Nova Moist
1:13.16 Liwayway Madrid Flag of Germany (3-2 aspect ratio) Audi R8 Wet
2:01.15 Augusto Rick Rañin 1280px-Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Great Wall Florid Moist
2:01.25 The Stig USA Flag 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer Wet
2:01.50 Flag of Japan Toyota Wigo Moist


  1. REDIRECT Template:ConstructionCelebrity guests are featured in the Celebrity Karera Lap Time segment, akin to Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. The first car was a Renault Clio, which was wrecked by Rodrigo Duterte (Duterte wasn't injured and walked away under his own power with only minor bruises) during his segment. The current car is a VCMC Grasshopper.

Season One (2014)

Celebrities Notes
Aina Margaret Cedergren Her timing was 2:10.08. She was the first celebrity and first GSTV Artists Center star featured in the segment.

Notable Challenges

Low-Budget Police Car Challenge

In the June 3, 2018 edition there was a Low-Budget Police Car Challenge. All three hosts had to make their own custom police car for just ₱5,173.50 (100 US dollars). Augusto chose a 2001 Mexican Volkswagen Beetle (he purchased it from Craigslist), Thomas chose a 2002 Ferrari 360 (it was previously owned by a deceased relative), and Katie chose a 1992 Jeep Wrangler (she purchased it from a Jeepney operator friend of her mother of whom intended to build a Jeepney out of it but gave up because "he thought the Suzuki Vitara was easier to modify.") Augusto repainted the red Beetle in white and blue with the words "DEATH SQUAD" and the phrase "Prepare to die, ikaw madugong anarchist freak". He also added a siren and a "high-tech soundboard I purchased from a disabled persons' supply shop" to provide the siren's sounds. Thomas painted the yellow Ferrari 360 with "cheapo Metallic Blue spraypaint I purchased from Ace Hardware despite David Hogg's demand for us to boycott the chain" and added the words "POLICE" with the phrase "Curbstomping minorities so fascists don't have to." whilst also adding a "cheapo metallic siren light purchased off Amazon" and installing paint guns "to spray all over the crooks' windshields" in the back. Katie painted her Jeep Wrangler white and added several sets of police siren lights along with the words "Pulisya" and the phrase "Nakakakuha ng mga kriminal sa iyong komunidad!" in addition to her adding a "easy-access spike strip" to the front of the Wrangler (a la Richard Hammond in the original British Top Gear episode with a Police Car Challenge) which was criticized by the other hosts as just being "a tumbling mat with food thermometers shoved in it."

During the trial runs at Clark International Speedway, The Stig started off by running a Philippine National Police Mahindra Scorpio police SUV for a lap run around the track. Augusto ran his Beetle well and managed to beat The Stig's lap time, whilst Thomas had issues due to the steel poles the paint guns were installed on messing with his Ferrari's balance. Katie unleashed her spike strip but nearly rolled over as a result. During the runs, points were awarded for flamboyant driving.

Their next challenge, in a closed-off SM Mall of Asia parking area, had them try to clear the scene of a mockup accident as fast as possible, whilst the PNP did a training exercise at the Plaridel Airport circuit with The Stig.

All three cars were used in an attempt at the airport track to stop a chase wherein The Stig had stolen a Jeepney. Katie attempted to use her spike strip but failed, Thomas attempted a paint gun attack but failed, however Augusto used a pit manuever and stopped the Stig. This resulted in a massive rollover which ejected The Stig and resulted in the hospitalization of The Stig's Filipino actor Sandy Carlos.

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