Top Ten VAC Bans in Driller Engine Grand Prix 2x2 is a top ten video by, who details the top ten VAC bans in Driller Engine Grand Prix 2x2.


Some pro Mario Kart league players just love to do what they do best: cheating. Welcome to, and today we'll be counting our picks for the top ten VAC bans in Driller Engine Grand Prix 2x2. For this list, we are only looking at bans from the PC version of the game. Bans that occurred in the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube versions are out of this list.

#10: W1ckDud3

W1ckDud3 is a Drillimation Online player who has over 30,000 VR. He has been quite a gambler in the Mr. Driller and Angry German Kid series, but he was just having a normal online session just to exit his work from school. However, many of his online friends were taunting him after he was hit with a device ban for using mushroom cheats to achieve first place in every online match he was involved in and get his rank bumped up. You almost fooled Drillimation, but not quite powerful, W1ckDud3.



#7: TheLonelyShuriken16

Moving on, we have TheLonelyShuriken16, a Drillimation Online player who was attractable for a cute avatar and a beautiful appearance in many of her Lucky Star Kingdom-related images on Deviantart. After she got kicked and banned for using an aimbot, she contacted Drillimation by telling that she didn't do anything wrong. Direct evidence from her laptop proved this. After an investigation with Valve, Drillimation hit her with a permanent device ban. Nice try princess, but Hearthcliffe shot you right in the head. No aimbot included.



#4: MoroGaira68

We have MoroGaira68, who got banned during a live match at Major League Gaming in 2005. Being banned during a live MLG match can become really embarrassing for the audience. There were lots of people trying to know what actually happened. It was reported he was cheating for two matches and had to have a consultation with his school principal about meeting tournament regulations. Shortly after the consultation, he was permabanned for using hacks to get any special item that other characters cannot get. He was also reported for using hacks to unban device banned Drillimation Online accounts so he can get them back in the game.



Honorable Mentions

Before we unveil our top pick, let's look at a few honorable mentions:



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