This is the instruction manual for Touhou 6: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.


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It's been four seasons since you crushed Shinki™ from Touhou 5: Mystic Square™. Gensokyo™ has been quiet and peaceful during that time. You have traded your hairstyle and outfit to cure yourself of a disease that Yuuka Kazami™ would have used to kill you. However, the people that lie ahead of you can't take the position of the magical girls that have died on your side! Outside, a wind chill rises, and out of nowhere, the sky turns red with thunder and lightning filling the sky. Within moments, red fog creeps out of nowhere, blinding you and everyone else. You wouldn't know this would happen - the Scarlet Devil Mansion™, a secret mansion located on an island inside a lake has committed this as the owner, Remilia Scarlet™, the mistress and vampiress of the mansion is unable to go outside whenever it's nice and hot outside.

In the past, you have always either been Reimu Hakurei™, the shrine maiden, or Marisa Kirisame™, the magician who was formerly cursed by Mima™. This adventure will be like usual, but with a new mechanic - the spell cards you have obviously known from the Drillimation® cartoon series is now here, acting as your smart bombs.

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