Touhou Project: Gensokyo Battle Pinball, known as Touhou Project: The Pinball Game (東方プロジェクト:ピンボールゲーム Tōhō Purojekuto: Pinbōrugēmu) in Japan, is a 2016 pinball simulation game developed by Kaoru Digital, co-developed by Zen Studios and distributed by Drillimation Studios, and was released for the Xbox One , Playstation 4 , Nintendo Wii U , Nintendo 3DS , PC, Mac OS, TS-UGOS, and Steam on November 2016, as part of the franchise's 20th anniversary. The game serves as a successor to Touhou Pinball, which was released in Summer of 2001


Like most pinball games, the objective is to hit the bumpers and targets to get the highest score possible. However, though, there is a twist. After the player completes two pinball stages, the player engages in a boss stage, in which the player must hit the ball at the boss to defeat them. Each of the boss stage's tables have unique designs that depend on the character the player is facing with. The player can also hit youkai on certain stages to gain extra points.

The game also includes a multiplayer mode which includes an online scoreboard for informal competition with other players.


The game's soundtrack is a collection of some of the more iconic sounds from the franchise remixed and remastered specifically for this game. The game's dialogue, which was all taken from the different games the in-game bosses appear, are actually re-recorded by the original cast.


Touhou Project: Gensokyo Battle Pinball received generally positive reviews from critics, to which they praised its table designs, gameplay, and its multiplayer mode. One reviewer of Metacritic described the game as "Touhou Pinball, except much more improved so that it wasn't the same thing again".

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