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Tovanska is the capital of Towa, located in Fabella. It is the most busiest city of the state, as well as for factories.


Tovanska has the places notable for industry and technology.

Buildings and Plazas

  • Towa Conglomerate Plaza
  • Towa Hills
  • Tovanske Technological Complex
  • AirTowa Building
  • Galaxy Corporation Headquarters (Komaru Plaza)


  • Towa Catholic University
  • Kibougamine University-Towa
  • De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde - Towa Campus
  • National University of Theology (Nutheo)

The city has the 3rd largest cathedral of the federal subject, the Minor Basilica and Cathedral of Our Lady of the Abandoned / or Towa Metropolitan Cathedral. It is the most visited pilgrimage site of Towa.