Toys "R" Us Kuboian flagship store is located in Reichetto, Kuboia. The store first opened in 1990.

Store design

The store pretty much sells the same stuff as the other Kuboian Toys "R" Us stores, but the store is designed similar to an amusement park. In addition the store also has Kids "R" Us and Babies "R" Us "carve out" stores.

Notable attractions/features

The Kuboian flagship Toys "R" Us has a steel family roller coaster made by Vekoma called "Geoffrey's Roller Skater". Tickets are required to ride the roller coaster. There also "Geoffrey's House" were people can "meet and greet" with Geoffrey Giraffe and other costumed characters.

The Kids "R" Us clothing section's fitting rooms are designed like a pirate ship for the boys and a movie star dressing room for the girls.

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