Trixmon is a 1993 strategy role-playing game developed and published by Seymour Games for the Game Boy, Nitrome Handtrome, and the Theorysonic Blue King. The game was released in El Kadsre on January 22, 1993, then in Japan on September 17, 1993, and in North America on April 7, 1995.


Taking place in historical settings, the player assumes the role of a prince whose mother asks him to join the Trixmoner Clan to stop it from being abolished. Despite being unfamiliar on how to survive, he trains with other Trixmoners throughout his kingdom. Despite training and the capturing of Trixmon, he must fight evil in order to stop the kingdom from being abolished. He is also joined by three other Trixmoners, who solve mysteries and help at the clan.


  • The Prince - The Prince is the central protagonist of the game who climbs up the Trixmon league to win the chance of winning the king's spot.
  • The Queen - The Queen is the player's mother who acts as a guardian angel to the player. If the player dies, she can revive him using specially designed magic.


The game's creators, Katoru Jan and Azoto Sashimi, stated the Prince or Queen were neither created for Trixmon. They originally drafted a game where the player takes control of a prince using a beast to fight off villains. Despite them not being familiar with computers and not even owning any game systems, the duo joined Seymour Games in 1988 to fulfill their desires. The Prince and Queen's designs were inspired by the outfits seen in The Drillimation Series and were based on Susumu Hori's and Kanata Izumi's outfits from Lucky Star. Following the popularity of the Drillimation games, the duo decided to create a game using their patented Driller Engine technology, to speed up development.

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