Tsuchidan (地団 Tsuchidan?, lit. Earth Gang) is one of the four alignments at Minecraftia High School, founded by Tsumugi Chikami. Students put into this alignment are often based on loyalty and hard-working, and the Pokémon used to represent this alignment is Manetric, as the colors yellow and black were used to represent this alignment.


In the anime

Chuhou Project

At the beginning of the anime, Driller begged Ryuta to be in Honoodan, but ended up in this alignment instead, which disappointed Driller, but a cute girl helped calm Driller down. Most of the Katsumoto family has been in Tsuchidan, as early as Shira and Rikka's great grandparents.

Notable Tsuchidan students

Student Year(s) attended Note(s)
Tsumugi Chikami 1919 - 1923 Founder of alignment.
Meira Katsumoto 2002 - 2006
Ryuta Shigematsu 2004 - 2008 Currently leads the alignment.
Shira Katsumoto 2004 - 2008 Admin of alignment.
Rikka Katsumoto 2004 - 2008 Admin of alignment.