The noy (symbol: Đ; Tsukiese: ت ; code; TSKN) is the offical currency of Tsuki. It was made before the Japanese yen, in fact. It is also the oldest currency, which it still continues to be used.


Precurrencys (999 AD - 1228)

Platio precurrency

An Platio, the precurrency.

Platios were edible balls used for money to thank people for their work and have an snack. They was also the precursor to gummies.


Later then in 1228, the noy was made.

Noy crash of 1993

Shopmix NCONNT

It happened in 1993. The shops were flooded with people buying video games, video game consoles, and snacks and food.

It got solved in 1995 when Nintendo created an SMB4 for Tsuki.

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