Tulisgariska (Morse Code: - ..- .-.. .. ... --. .- .-. .. ... -.- .- ) (Latinized Tulisgar: Hokaciluikogria) (Latinized Jurichirsh: Fawizjasgorlika) is a country in the center of the North Atlantic Ocean.


Native Americans traveled on the Tulisgar Peninsula and settled their land, but its during the Ice Age so it's very hard to survive. 8000 BC, Tulisgar Peninsula eventually became an Island.

In 1862, CSA and USA colonized the Tulisgar Island and it became colony of USA and CSA. In 1880, Tulisgariska wants to become independence from the USA but USA refuses to recognizes Tulisgariska as an independent country.


  • 60% of the population are deaf
  • 40% of the population aren't deaf
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