'''Twin Pong ''' (Japanese: ツインピンポン; Hepburn: 'Tsuin Pin Pon') is a 2017 computer game developed and published by independent developer Namcokid47. The game is a remake of the 1972 arcade game Pong and features several game modes based on both Pong, Breakout, and Space Race. The game was released in June 2017.


The player uses the W and S keys (or in the case of a second player, the up and down arrow keys) to move the player's respective paddle on the screen. The goal is to score the highest amount of points by hitting a white ball into the opponent's side. A point is scored if the ball goes outside the stage on one of the player's sides. The game also features several game modes based on various 1970s Pong consoles, such as hockey or handball.

Game Modes

  • Normal - Normal game of Pong.
  • Handball - The player must hit the ball against a large wall, and must avoid having the ball move outside the boundary.
  • Hockey - Similar to Normal Mode, except the ball must reach a small net located in the center of each player's area.
  • Race - A homage to another Atari game, Space Race. The player must complete a normal mode-like stage before racing the opponent's paddle between a large maze.
  • Macro - Normal mode, but the player's paddles take up the entire screen and must get the ball to go between the small gap in between the paddles.
  • Block - A Breakout - like a mode where the player must simply destroy each formation of bricks with the ball.


The game, although still in development, has had lukewarm reception, mostly for its lack of originality and the small amount of content. Praises for it include callbacks to other Atari games and its warm color style.

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