Tyo Zayn Flournoy is a Kuboian singer, songwriter, actor and fashion designer. He made his debut in showbiz at the age of six, when he appeared in Tone Riddles and Tack the Rat alongside his twin sister, Rosie. He is known for his "effeminate" personality and fashion sense, and is often credited for popularising such style in Kuboian boys.

Early life

Tyo was born on 19th January, 1993, the same day as his twin sister, Rosie Flournoy. Both of Tyo's parents are from England, and immigrated to Kuboia two years before the twins were born.

Personal life


Tyo is bisexual, and has been reported to been given the 2 rating in the Kinsey scale.

Tyo dated Lizzie Dennison from June 2001 to October 2004. The two had been introduced to each other in 1998 whilst acting for Tone Riddles and Tack the Rat. According to Tyo, the relationship fell apart due to Lizzie being too preoccupied with herself. However, Tyo's friends claimed that he felt very remorseful following Lizzie's suicide in January 2019.

Tyo married Louise Keys on 22nd January, 2006. The two had met whilst doing work for Nick Go! Louise had proposed to Tyo as a present for his thirteenth birthday. The two ended their relationship and divorced five years later, on 20th February, 2011.

Tyo was reported to be dating his first boyfriend, Danny Hilands, in July 2011. However, the relationship only lasted three months.

During early 2014, rumours were spreading on the internet claiming that Tyo was in a relationship with Charlie Polister. He later confirmed the rumours true in August that year, revealing that the two had recently gotten engaged. The two married on 11th October that year.


Tyo has two children, Ribbon (b. 2006) and Lionette (b. 2015). The former he had with Louise Keys and the latter he had with Charlie Polister.



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