Tyono is a country between Puerto Chango and Grakorea.

Since 2003, it has been in a conflict with Kuboia.


Before the end of World War II, Tyono was part of Puerto Chango. During the Scramble for the Ghost Archipelago, Great Britain, Italy, and Brazil took over Tyono and operated it as a condominium until 1989, when it became an independent republic.


  • The majority of Tyono citizens have Brazilian origins.
  • Tyono uses British English, but sometimes uses American English for certain words.
  • There is no drinking age in Tyono.
  • Smoking is illegal in Tyonoan cities but allowed in territories.
  • Like Jetania, the TV commercial breaks in Tyono are every 20 minutes.
  • Tyono is located in Europe, to the south of Yuru-charaia and east of Grakorea
  • The currency for Tyono is the Tyonoan Kash. About 800T equals £1.04.
  • The school week is Monday to Thursday, but many children go in on Fridays for exam preperation, activities, etc.
  • From 1939 until 1945, the school week was Monday to Wednesday
  • Tyonoan schools get 7 weeks off for Summer (usually late June to mid August), 3 weeks off for Christmas, 2 weeks off for Easter and 2 weeks off for Kadonin.
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