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UZI VER ZON is the seventh album by Ireland-based virtual band, KRYptid. Unlike the previous albums and EPs, the album focuses more on Hip Hop and rave music. The album was followed up by NIC OHT INE in 2020. The album features appearances by various artists like P. Diddy, Ma$e, Akio's daughter, Saorise Caelan, Diplo, Sean Sean, Nicki Minaj, Die Antwoord, Drake, Lil Wayne, Future, and more. The album was re-released in double vinyl LP format in honor of Record Store Day on September 26, 2020, and will feature the digital download-exclusive bonus track, Fluxxx.

Track listing

Disc 1/Vinyl 1

No. Title Producer(s) Duration
Side A
1. Intro (Roisin's Voicemail) N/A 1:00
2. What They All Say (ft. P. Diddy, Ma$e and Saorise Caelan) Akio Eiji, P. Diddy 3:43
3. Luv Attack (ft. Tyler, the Creator and Sean Sean) Akio Eiji 3:13
4. Rave From 4K (ft. Diplo) Akio Eiji, Diplo 6:17
5. Crisis (uncredited vocals by $pyda) Akio Eiji 4:50
6. Trippies (ft. DJ Khaled, Nicki Minaj and Die Antwoord) Akio Eiji, DJ Khaled 4:10
Side B
7. Lüse (ft. Cardi B) Akio Eiji 4:00
8. Bitch, We Gamble (ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, and Future) Akio Eiji 5:21
9. Not Much of a Prelude (ft. Ms. Lee) N/A 1:12
10. 2Ugly (ft. Ms. Lee) Akio Eiji 5:10
11. We Mean No Offense (ft. Afrojack) Akio Eiji, Afrojack 8:10
12. The Curtain Falls (ft. Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar) Akio Eiji 4:10

Disc 2/Vinyl 2

No. Title Producer(s) Duration
Side C
1. Roisin's Second Voicemail N/A 1:45
2. CaughtA (ft. Zoss, Kendrick Lamar, and Faith Evans) Akio Eiji, Zoss 4:13
3. Insanities (ft. The Alchemist) Akio Eiji 2:46
4. Inneutral (uncredited vocals by Freddie Dredd) Akio Eiji 3:12
5. Troublez (ft. DJ Mala, Nicki Minaj and Ms. Lee) Akio Eiji, DJ Mala, Ms. Lee 5:13
6. Roisin's Third Voicemail (featuring uncredited vocals by Walter Gyver) N/A 1:50
Side D
7. Hell (ft. Juice WRLD) Akio Eiji 3:45
8. NiTRO Akio Eiji 7:53
9. Moonwave (ft. Post Malone & Bipolar Sunshine) Akio Eiji, Post Malone 3:51
10. Evening Sex (ft. Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole) Akio Eiji 4:49
11. Juicy Love (ft. Zendaya, Chris Brown and Drake) Akio Eiji, Drake 4:11
12. Final Voicemail From Roisin N/A 2:04

Bonus Track (Digital Download/Vinyl 2)

No. Title Producer Duration
Side D (Cont.)
13. Fluxxx (ft. J. Cole and Rihanna) Akio Eiji 4:10


  • The Limit/Oattes Van Schaik - Love Attaxx; Sampled in: Luv Attack
  • Fetty Wap & Remy Boyz - 679; Replayed in: 2Ugly
  • Lil' Kim - Big Momma Thang, Dr. Dre (ft. Eminem & Xzibit) - What's The Difference? & Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize; Replayed in: 2Ugly
  • Justice - DVNO; Sampled in: We Mean No Offense
  • Célia - A Hora É Essa/The Time Is Now; Sampled in: Inneutral
  • Toshinobu Kubota - 夜想/Virtual Night; Sampled in: Insanities
  • Robert Miles - Children (Dream Version); Sampled in: Hell
  • Mtume - Juicy Fruit; Sampled in: Juicy Love