Unikingdom is a large country located in North America and is a kingdom, too. It is home to many citizens that are made out of complete Lego. The country is made out of 10 provinces, and one autonomous republic that has frowning people. It borders Greenland to the north, Canada to the west, the El Kadsreian Islands from the east, and Mexico to the south.


Unikingdom used to be controlled by the Kalmar Union until long ago, where it gained independence in 1301.

Unikingdom was part of the Cold War, and was on the USA's side, removing any communists found in North America.

Unikingdom had fought with Cuba once, because Cuba claimed Frowntown for no reason.

As of the present day, Unikingdom is a amazing place to go to.

Make sure you don't visit Frowntown, because it stinks there.

States of Canada, Mexico and USA that it borders:

It is very close to California, and is also close to Oregon, Washington, and the Canadian Province of British Colombia.

It also borders Baja California, which is in Mexico.

Frowntown, which is part of Unikingdom borders Greenland, which is controlled by Denmark, and Frowntown also borders Quebec, which is part of Canada.

It has a maritime border with Tasanala via Frowntown.

It also has a maritime border with Gau and Simerica.


  • The country is part of the Gauese Archipelago.
  • Several countries, such as Gau and Fedaria have maritime borders with the main island in the Unikingdom.
  • In Amazing Universe, the Unikingdom is called Univelands.
  • In some universes (such as JBWikia's universe), the country does not exist because it overlaps on most of the El Kadsreian Islands.
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