The United Kadersaryinan Federation, abbreviated as the UKF is a former country that consists of Kadersaryina, North KadersaryinaClyohraira, Vilaharshe, Uhajut, Gaburayon and many other countries until it broke up in 1991.


Historical affiliations Period
Saryinan Islander Chiefdoms 4500 BC-1757 AD
Colony of the Saryinans 1690-1808
French protectorate of the Colony of the Saryinans 1808-1815
Colony of the Saryinans 1815-1940
Flag of Kadersaryina (1940-1945) Kadersaryinan Nationalist State 1940-1945
Flag of Kadersaryina (1945-1950) Dutch Protectorate of Kadersaryina 1945-1950
Flag of Kadersaryina (1950-1956) First Republic of Kadersaryina 1950-1956
Flag of Kadersaryina (1956-1969) Second Republic of Kadersaryina 1956-1969
Flag of the United Kadersaryinan Federation United Kadersaryinan Federation 1969-1991
Flag of Kadersaryina Kadersaryina 1991-present
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