Universal Do-Go
File:UODG logo.png
Developer NBCUniversal
(Comcast Corporation)
Manufacturer Universal Neptune
Product family Universal Video Game Consoles
Type Handheld game console
Retail availability NA September 13, 2002
EU October 3, 2002
JP December 4, 2002
Units sold 1 million
Media Universal Odyssey cartridges
CPU Motorola 68000

The Universal Do-Go (also known as Universal Odyssey Do-Go) is a handheld game console by Universal Studios released on September 13, 2002. The Do-Go is a portable variation of Universal's home console, the Universal Odyssey. Unique about the Do-Go is its additional functionality as a home console through a video port designed to be used with a television set. Released late in the Odyssey era, the Do-Go had a short lifespan. Although it had been announced before the launch of the Odyssey, the Do-Go's development was lengthy. It was a commercial failure, and only 1 million of these were sold.

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