'Unwanted Mysteries' (Japanese: 不必要な謎, Hepburn: 'Fuhitsuyōna nazo') is a Roiyaruian mystery/horror anime TV series created by Kyoko Cheng for FIRE!, and developed by Homugi Tsukino and Hitomo Niikura, inspired by the bestselling manga of the same name. It first aired on October 20, 2015.


At the prestigious Yukimura-Umeda Academy, everything isn't what it seems. In that very school, there are many unexplained occurences that nobody notices, except for Kaede Yoshigahara and her friends, who are destined to solve all the mysteries that lie in the school they attend.


  • Honoka Shimamura as Kaede Yoshigahara
  • Yasuyuki Tsukamoto as Naohiro Naegi
  • Miu Okino as Usagi Kanagi
  • Tadiyuki Maekawa as Kyuwa Okuyama
  • Momo Ohori as Chiaki Yukiyama

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