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  • I live in Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines
  • I was born on January 4
  • My occupation is To-do something and helping others.
  • I am Male, 20 years old.
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3 years of my Dream Fiction Wiki experience. Welcome to my user page! I have been making fictional logos and editing for 6 years. You can message to me if you need to help and fix some things.


This is AmazingTLM, a.k.a Amiel Estoy Peña / アミエル・ペーニャ (as you can call me ATLM), the fictional creator and editor since 2010 and logo designer since 2012. I am 19 years old boy and special child.

  • Note 1: In my all fictional universes, Momoland Islandia, Kia, Kidsney, VideoGameLand, Micnora, Fandomia, Jonas, Xakaw, Summera, Wintera, Baconhairland, United States of Teija, Pusia and all countries created by the sockpuppets (including Chebbycraft34) does not exist. Sorry to bad people who created this countries.
  • Note 2: In my 1st alternative universe (Random Thingy Universe), due to massive mention of Dream Fiction Wiki countries in any page in Random Thingy Wiki, all countries of my main Dream Fiction Wiki universe are also existed with differences.
  • Note 3: In my 2nd alternative universe (Alternative Earth), all countries of my main Dream Fiction Wiki and Random Thingy Wiki does not exist.
  • Note 4: In my 3rd alternative universe (Powerful Universe), some countries of my main Dream Fiction Wiki and Random Thingy Wiki are also existed, some are not.
  • Note 5: In my 4th alternative universe (Lite Universe), only countries and some of my favorite (following) countries are existed.
Main article: User:AmazingTLM/List of my universes

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