Main universe (Amazing Universe)

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My alternative universe 1 (Random Thingy Wiki Universe)

This universe is canon to the Random Thingy Wiki universe. Most are different from Dream Fiction Wiki universes.

List of following countries are only existed in my alternative universe 1 are

With some stuff changed

Also countries from Dream Logos Wiki

  • Bearbi
  • Curam
  • Ebenia
  • Elbanio
  • Fraly
  • Hosona
  • Flag of Marble City Marble City
  • Mervenia
  • Piggy Island
  • Pigman
  • Pinguland
  • The Republic of Hestarmia
  • Shinding
  • South PlantTown (PvZ)
  • Squarelands
  • United Stakes of Hamerica
  • Wubbalubba
  • Yoyle
with some things changed
  • Neverland (with some things changed)

My alternative universe 2 (Alternative Earth)

This universe is non-canon to Random Thingy Wiki, Dream Logos Wiki, and Dream Fiction Wiki universes, with all other countries does not exist.

My alternative universe 3 (Powerful Universe)

Main article: Powerful Universe

My alternative universe 4 (Lite Universe)

El Kadsreian Islands

Jetanie Archipelago

Gauese Archipelago


countries that does not exist in all of these universes.

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