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  • I live in BOBSOC (actually, I live in California)
  • I was born on April 17
  • My occupation is I love BlueCatRiolu
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Hi, I’m Esaïe!

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    • Croeya (Semi-Main)
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    Alt Universe

    Countries changed in my universe

    Kadersaryinan Islands countries (official language of all countries is just English and Gaburayon wihout the huge kidnapping rate-|Check my Profiles=Roblox

    In my universe with some stuff changed

    • Totomarina (Barokian and English are the only official languages)
    • Trayu (English is an official language along with Trali)
    • El Kadsre (Spanish isn’t an official language)
    • Costa de Gaviotas (Spanish isn’t an official language)
    • Spanish Nakiro (English is an official language)

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