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  • I live in Philippines/El Kadsre/Pure Heart Valley /Botswana!!!
  • I was born on August 4
  • My occupation is YouTuber/Scratcher/Editor/ゆるキャラ (should i say Yuru-chara) Fan/Another Kikoriki Fan/Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart Fan (#35YearsSuperMario/#StudioGhiblionNetflix/#PrepareForMeggysDestiny)
  • I am Male
  • Bio B E A N O S
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This is a joke!
This user is currently blocked. The latest block log entry is provided below for reference:

  • 18:09, July 07, 2020 Chebbycraft34 (wall | contribs) blocked Finnbross (wall | contribs) with an expiry time of infinite (cannot post on message wall) (first I remixed your project on Scratch to take revenge, and then I banned you for no reason, i'm having sweet revenge!!!!)


NEWS: ABS-CBN has recoved cease-and-desist order from NTC, forcing Channel 2, S+A, MOR and DZMM (excluding Teleradyo) to temporary close... for atleast 10 days.

URGENT NEWS (across all wikis where i edit): RandomMe's YT account got terminated by Mediacorp (Dead Atlantis Mediacorp to him), his statement on Anime Superhero is "YouTube just shut down my channel!", so i'm planning to be next RandomMe on YouTube, That means "Agent Colty, Agent Jason, Agent Ayra and Agent CRRE2003 are rising".

UPDATE: My Profile Picture is Strawberry Cookie until further notice, due to COVID-19 quarantine and lockdown happened in the province i'm staying (also Colty's gang HQ location) (which is Metro Manila), Stay Safe!

I might get Guacamelee! on Steam.

I will call Chebby as Dillweed!

Tasanala is acting like Huntaria and Kidsney!

who's loves mrs poike and limbol ( )

Firipin フィリピン (from おぼえよう・国の名前)

I think this ident is cute looking ( )

in Scratch, i got bullied by Chebbycraft34.

Hi, i'm CRRE2003 on YouTube, i'm frequent requester for RabbitFilmMaker, I loves Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, Yuru-chara, Strawberry Cookie (you know, this is my most favorite Cookie Run character), Kick Buttowski, SMG4, Miraitowa, Someity, Tamagotchi, Mighty Magiswords, Ookun, Poptropica, Go Jetters, Bob's Burgers, Penny Fitzgerald, BrainSurge, Kikoriki, Teamo Supremo, Atom Ant, Bunsen is a Beast, WarioWare and Horrid Henry, I'm okey with legofan208 hating Bunsen is a Beast, RainLauncher85 and Pinky Malinky (i used to neutral over that show, but when this show is Netflix Original, i'm now okey with this show), I'm neutral over Leni Loud, Disney Junior (because AmazingTLM likes Disney Junior), Maryoku Yummy, WordGirl, Windows Infinity, Needle336 ChopChopNinja909, Russiaball, power bods, Giphy, Welcome to Wayne, Lemony (The Object Merry Go Round), Tayo the Little Bus, Supernoobs and Brad Buttowski, I hates Rob The Robot, The Nutshack, Fishtronaut, Salt Cover, Abrasive SpongeBob, Dorbees, Kendell Perkins, Amona Al-Mazyona, Jimmy Pesto, Mr. Pickles, Cucumberrrrrr, Teamo Supremo Villains (including Dr Droid, DJ Despicable and Fabrica), Object Show of Doom, turtle1609, Nintendofan2382, Lori Loud, Tiki Tak Tribe (Donkey Kong), NBC Klasky Csupo Fan 2019, Numberblock 1 AUTTP, TTGMinecraftBoy37, VelozMente, BrainPurge, Evil Morty, The Lingo Show, Tongs (a.k.a. Sir Brags-A-Lot) and Chebbycraft34.

I usually listen to Funk/Soul/Disco musics!

I cannot into Logopedia.

Feel free to use these countries (excluding Zelakar), for your universe and even without permission.


Moaekea Broasteak


Semi-adopted is a adoption that makes original creator edits once returns to DFW.

EagleWithATopHat's countries

I semi-adopted the following countries (despite most countries are fiction-based) because I confirmed that EagleWithATopHat can still edit his pages...... sometimes and did not abandon these countries

Moved from Secrect Wiki

Countries that used to owned by ITVdude2000 (until he left Logofanonpedia)

Countries that used to owned by BigSpinCoaster (until she left Logofanonpedia)

Coming soon!

moved to Wikifiction

  • OolaflagOola
  • ArtherlandflagArsterland
  • Flag of ZelakarZelakar

moved to CRRE2003's Fiction Wiki

  • Bridan
  • Loudland (following Tanardo Loud ban on DFW)
  • Loudwan (following Tanardo Loud ban on DFW)

Main article: User:Finnbross/List of my universes

TheRedZone likes The Minimighty Kids and Tituef, so here is my lists of my interests in French Cartoons:

  • The Minimighty Kids
  • Kaput and Zosky
  • Tituef
  • Captain Biceps
  • Trolls of Troy
  • Kaeloo

126. Tongs

It's Tongs (a.k.a. Sir Brags-A-Lot)!

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