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  • I live in Scotland
  • I was born on January 23
  • My occupation is Unemployed
  • I am Male
My Discord ID is Werten#0672. Please tell me who you are if you want to friend me on there.

Hi. I’m ITVdude2000. Just call me ITV, or Hoshi, or Werten, or whatever you want. I don’t care. Just don’t use these names in a way that mocks me.

Thanks to everybody who voted me as a Featured User and Moderator!

My work

I have made two countries on this wiki - Jetania and Kuboia, although I put almost entire focus on the latter since I find it much more interesting of a country.

I have made a lot of TV shows on this wiki. My best work is probably either Cindi and Friends or the Kantasy genre.


  • If you make an edit on a page I made, I have the right to revert it if I want.
  • I am very strict with artwork, especially character artwork, so don’t be surprised if I reject art you make for me. It doesn’t mean I fail to appreciate your work, I’m just very strict.
    • Character artwork made using GoAnimate or Movie Star Planet will always be rejected.
    • I will always reject art that looks unprofessional and/or looks like it took 2 minutes to make.
  • Can people please stop adding realistic images to Kuboian people?
    • I'm being serious! They will get removed the instant I notice them. If you notice any yourself, please tell me immediately.
  • Unlike most users, I do not have a "universe" or a set canon.
  • I only come onto this wiki for fun. I do not use it to plan lifelong goals or dreams.
  • All articles relating to Jetania and Kuboia should be written in British English, and use DMY dates.
  • Please don't create Jetania or Kuboia-related articles without permission unless you are simply creating the article based on facts that I have personally provided.
  • No, you cannot have partial ownership of either Jetania or Kuboia, but I will allow you to help me make decisions and improve pages related to the countries.

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